Royal Resilience INC
Quēēn Candace

Build a Better Relationship with Money

Quēēn Candace

Build a Better Relationship with Money

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About Us

We help the Black community by providing financial literacy, financial planning and financial therapy

Why You Should Join Us

Access to:

  1. Youth Summer Program that will encompass financial literacy classes, building a healthy relationship with money, and kidpreneur development
  2. Transitional workshops for highschool Seniors (3 pathways: college financial prep, career planning, and/or entrepreneurship)
  3. Living on My Own Course (how to become financially independent and secure)
  4. Annual First Time Homebuyer Workshop with a Panelist of Professional Speakers in the Real Estate field
  5. Intervention Financial Readiness Workshops for families in shelters and public assistance programs
  6. Retirement & Estate Planning Workshops
  7. Financial Therapy Support Group

A Big Thanks

Thanks to you we'll be able to shift the mindset of our culture and elevate from generational poverty to generational wealth!

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